Consult an Attorney Before Filing for Divorce in Albany, CA

Trust your case to Rome K. Rivera, Attorney at Law

Filing for divorce is a weighty decision. If you want to ensure that you're considering what's best for your family, speak with a family law attorney about your goals. Do yourself a favor by turning to Rome K. Rivera, Attorney at Law, a divorce law firm in Albany, CA.

Attorney Rivera will take the following factors into account when finding a solution:

  • Your marital assets - attorney Rivera's goal is to divide your assets equitably.
  • Your child custody needs - attorney Rivera has seven years of custody litigation experience, so you can trust him to fight for your family's rights.
  • Your pre-separation standard of living - in California, judges award spousal support based on factors like current and future earning capacity, assets and ability to acquire marketable skills.
  • Your prenuptial agreement, if applicable - attorney Rivera will review the child custody, property division or spousal support terms you and your partner agreed on.

Attorney Rivera will also outline the process of filing for divorce or legal separation. Schedule a consultation with our divorce law attorney by calling 510-688-4484 today.

Can't meet during regular business hours?

Can't meet during regular business hours?

Our Albany, CA divorce law office is open Monday through Friday. However, attorney Rivera is available after hours by appointment. Contact him today to learn more.